Brewery Albert


„Brewery Albert is a castle family brewery, where beer of the top quality is brewed up for guests in all our business units.”


The light lager Albert is produced just in two versions – the first one of 11°, the second one 12°. The beer gained its name after the industrialist Albert Klein from Sobotín.
The “eleven” is a light lager of the pilsner type. It is great at spicy earthy aroma of the Žatec hop, which is completed with yeasty smell of the non-filtered beer in its smell. The taste pervades with malt tones, which get from only Moravian malt in the beer. As a whole this beer this beer makes impression of an honest lager with a more expressive hop character.
The “twelve“ is a light lager of the pilsner type . It boasts about an aureate color and a fine hop aroma, which is accompanied with tones of the lemon peel. In the taste this pleasant aroma is completed with a soft hazelnut flavor, nevertheless all covered with a malt body. Purely domestic raw materials are also used here in the same way as at all our beers.
On the first floor there are newly built, fashionably equipped accommodation possibilities, i.e. three suites with completely equipped kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. There are two suites with separated bedrooms with marriage beds and ab additional bed for totally six persons and one suite for twelve persons.
The alehouse is equipped stylishly and copper kettles can be seen in the tap-room, which etch in the unique mood.




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