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The offer of leisure activities and trips are tailored precisely to your needs and wishes. Our concierge service is always at your disposal. Activities not included in the accommodation packages such as diving courses, skydiving, but also sightseeing flights are available in the hotel book, but will gradually discount prices published on our website.


Sobotin and surroundings

Sobotin and its closest neighbourhood offers many opportunities for nice walks or bicycle rides

Sobotin’s circle
Hiking route around Sobotin with very nice view. It is 17 km long  easy hike with 14 stops of interest.

St. Vavrinec (St. Lawrence) church
Renaissance simple church built in 1605 (tower in 1792). In this place passed the incident which started witch-hunting processes. Old woman from Vernirovice took of the sacramental bread from her mouth and saved it for her sick cow. Unfortunately some people saw her and denounce her.

Klein’s family sepulchre
Built in 1881 and reconstructed in 1926-1928, work of Viennese architect W.S.Baumheyer. Members of Klein’s family were ordinary people but thanks to their creativity, diligence and sence for business they became one of the influential clan in the monarchy and this brought them aristocratic status with predicate „von Wiesenberg“. After the earl Mitrovsky death, Kleins both the domain including iron company.

Picturesque village in the valley of river Mirta is very nice for walking routes. There is ecological hike starting from The Centre of ecological education. This hike is very popular for the children.

Church of St. Michael in Marsikov
Wooden renaissance building from the beginning of 17th century.



There is very good opportunity for fishermen right in the Chateau resort Sobotin. In castle’s pond you can find more than 1,5 tons of 16 different fishes like carps, basses, tenches, pikeperches, pikes, eels and etc…
Fishing – catch and leave includes assistance of our water bailiff and equipment rent. Price is 600,- per hour per person.


Castles, Chateaus, history

This forested and mountainous region has been always rich for natural resources which brought richness and prosperity in the past. It was mainly extraction of gold, linen fabrication and textil industry. The proof of the past glory are local castles and palaces. But there is also the shadow on the  past, witch-hunting processes in the time of 1679-1694 one of the latest in the Europe.

Chateau Velke Losiny
Renaissance chateau surrounded by picturesque park. Venue of witch-hunting processes.

Paper mill Velke Losiny
National cultural historical building where it is shown hand made fabrication of paper.

Chateau Loucna nad Desnou
Originaly renaissance chateau but nowadays after reconstruction and in private hands. Only the chateau park is open to the public. Nevertheless this park is the best in the region thanks to its architectonical disposition and botanical diversity. There is big playground with various atractions for the children. In its pond Kocian you can fish carp or trout and ask in their kitchen to prepare you the meal from it.

Castle Kolstejn in Branna
For the visitors is open newly reconstracted part from 16th century

Exposition of witch-hunting processes in Sumperk
You will find the expositon in the cellar of European house of meetings – in Geschader house.
Through the mediation of modern audio guide you will here the voice of the inquisitor Jindrich FrantisekBobliga from Edelstadt, who will guide you through the exhibition.




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