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Experience our chateau beer Albert first-handi

Do you love beer and its pleasant aroma? The Albert chateau brewery not only supplies a great beer, but you can also try the products from its cellars on your skin during the beer baths. 

Relax in the 34-38 °C hot water 

full of ingredients based on historical recipes. The beer bath contains active ingredients of natural carbon dioxide, extracts from local herbs, and a secret ingredient.

The procedure will give your skin a velvety softness and youthful appearance. A reminder of the heritage from the past is the wrap, which takes place on a straw bed. 

Enjoy the perfect beer bath with Albert chateau beer, unlimited consumption, and a final dry wrap. 

Number of persons



1 bath for 1 person60 min1 400 CZK
1 bath for 2 persons60 min1 900 CZK
2 baths for 2 persons60 min2 400 CZK
2 baths for 3 persons60 min2 900 CZK
2 baths for 4 persons60 min3 400 CZK