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Albert brewery & apartments

For a social event and family holidays 

For a social event and family holidays 

Are you looking for a place for an unusual farewell party, a family celebration, or a team building? What about renting a chateau family brewery and having a great spare time? In addition to the brewery, where you can enjoy the unique light Albert larger, the brewery also includes three apartments with a capacity of six or twelve people, so you can comfortably stay in the brewery with a larger group or family. 

Own beer for the entire Sobotín Resort 

Albert chateau brewery produces its own highest quality beer intended for consumption not only directly in the brewery but also in other establishments that are part of the Sobotín Resort. So, you can enjoy a local beer outside the brewery. The cellar, which is a part of the brewhouse has a capacity of 40 seats with copper pits. Thanks to the floor windows you can also peek into the basement, where the production facility is located. 

Eleven- and twelve-degree light lager

Our beer and our brewhouse are named after local industrialist, financier, and politician Albert Klein von Wiesenberg. It is produced in two variants, as light eleven- and twelve-degree light lager. The eleven-degree beer is a light Pilsner-type lager, which boasts a spicy earthy aroma of Bohemia hop complemented by the yeasty aroma of unfiltered beer. On the other hand, the twelve-degree Albert has a delicate hop aroma accompanied by tones of lemon peel and its taste is slightly hazelnut. 

For private events only

The brewhouse is open only for private events such as the men’s farewell to freedom, family celebrations, or team buildings. If you are interested in booking a brewery, feel free to contact our sales department or reception. 


If you are looking for the spacious suite, book the room in Albert brewery. It has three suites with a capacity of 6 people and one suite in the attic for up to 12 people.