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Spa etiquette Sidonie

Do you know who gets the door first, what to wear for formal occasions, and how to behave at the table? But the rules of courtesy do not only exist in everyday life. A code of conduct or etiquette also applies to Spas and wellness. And it is no different here either. What can you do to prevent the unwanted faux pas and visit our sauna world to be a balm for your body and soul? Review our Spa etiquette and escape from the stress of everyday life. 

Choose the right procedure for perfect relaxation!

Follow the correct procedure for your best wellness & Spa experience. Use the services in the following order: First, use the pool, then the whirlpool, then the saunas, and finally enjoy a massage. Never change this procedure! After the massage, just let all its benefits end in the resting room or your hotel room. 

Wash and dry well before entering the sauna!

To increase the effectiveness of the whole sauna process, please, wash your whole body with warm water and neutral soap and then dry thoroughly before entering the sauna. To dry your body, use a bath towel and underlay the entire surface of your body with a sheet in the sauna. For hygienic reasons, please never sit directly on the boards!

The lying down position is the best!

For effective body warming and blood circulation lay down on the boards. In a case of limited space, lean back and leave your legs slightly bent. 

Make sure to breathe correctly! 

Do you think that it is necessary to breathe only through the nose in the sauna? This is just a myth. You can also breathe through your mouth. If you feel any discomfort or if your breathing burns, cover your nose and mouth with your palms and breathe at the frequency you are used to. 

Keep quiet and considerate of others! 

Noisy laughing, long conversations, or shouts belong in a café, bar, or outside, but not in a sauna. Keep this rule in mind and respect it! Visiting a sauna is a kind of relaxation, and it includes peace. The same rule applies throughout the Spa. Therefore, we also ask you to leave all the electronic devices in the hotel room or the safe at the reception. 

Do not wear swimsuits or use any cosmetics in the dry sauna!

Think about your skin and enter the sauna only in a towel or sheet. The towel you can get at the wellness reception, and the sheet at the wellness bar. If you want, you can take a massage glove or whisk to massage your skin. Oils, peelings, or peeling sponges use only in a steam sauna. 

Do not spend more time than recommended in a sauna!

The spending time in a sauna is very individual. If you´ve never used a sauna before, start at the lowest bench and increase the time gradually. Wipe the sweat off the surface of the body while visiting the sauna. Once you feel a burning in the tip of your nose or earlobes, leave the sauna immediately. The average sauna session is about 10 minutes. 

Repeat the hot & cold round at least 3 times!

Cooldown immediately after leaving the sauna. If you want to use the cooling pool, please take a shower in advance. You can stay in the pool for a few minutes and then go for a walk on our terrace overlooking the chateau park. We recommend repeating the whole round at least 3 times in a row. You can also use a bucket of cold water to cool down. 

Enjoy relaxation between rounds!

To get the best sauna results, don´t forget to relax as well. Visit our relaxation zone, curl up in a blanket, and take a deep breath in a pleasantly cooled room. Enter the relaxation zone properly dried. When leaving, throw all the laundry into the baskets to let others know that the lounger is already free. Keep quiet and considerate of the other guest in the relaxation zone. 

Finally, wrap yourself in a bathrobe!

After the last sauna round, rinse only with lukewarm water without using soap or peeling and wrap yourself in a bathrobe. Enjoy a well-deserved rest in a relaxation zone or at the wellness bar with a glass of fresh juice. You can also get a small snack, herbal tea, or any drink according to your wishes. 

If in doubt, ask the staff for help!

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask our receptionist. We would be happy to answer them. 

Use changing rooms and shelves to store your stuff.  

While going from the swimming pool to the sauna world, you can use our changing rooms and store your stuff in the locker. You can also store your stuff in the saunas on shelves or hang it on hooks. Then nothing prevents you from deep relaxing.