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Tailor-made wedding 

As is well known, managing one of the most beautiful days in your life is challenging. That´s the reason why we would like to facilitate all the planning as easy as possible for you. We will be appreciated to prepare a tailor-made wedding not only for your immediate family but also for the extended family and your friends.

Whether your wedding ceremony will be civil or religious, traditional, or non-traditional, in the open air or one of your beautiful interiors.

Open-air or chateau wedding ceremony 

In Sobotín, you can say your “I do´s” in several magical places. For the open-air ceremony, you can take advantage of the area of the chateau park, or a small island in the middle of the chateau pond. If you prefer an indoor wedding and would you like to enjoy the real chateau atmosphere, you can make a marriage vow in the beautiful ceremonial hall of the hotel Klein. But there are several other possibilities. It is up to you, which place will enchant your heart the most. 

Everything in one place

In resort Sobotín, you will find everything you can only wish for on your wedding day in one place. We can organize both the ceremony and the banquet, and we accommodate all your wedding guests. 

It will save you the hassle of moving from the ceremonial hall to the wedding reception – you will be just a few steps away. At the same time, you don´t have to worry about picking up the guests at home.

Unexpected wedding menu

Are you planning an intimate wedding, and would you like to have a wedding reception in the same spirit? Or would you like to organize a big wedding reception in a non-traditional way? There are no limits to your imagination. Our chef would be happy to help you to draw up your wedding menu and make an exceptional culinary experience. According with your wishes, we will prepare an originally decorated wedding table and any wedding cake. 

The wedding reception could be organized in chateau restaurant Savarin. 

According to your wishes, we can organize:

• A wedding ceremony (civil/church)
• Accommodation for newlyweds and wedding guests
• A wedding coordinator
• An arranger, a photographer, a cameraman
• Music accompaniment (wedding DJ, ceremony sound)
• Refreshments
• Originally decorated wedding table
• Accompanying program for adults and children (children´s playroom, bouncy castle)
• Evening banquet 
• Transportation for the groom, bride, and wedding guests

Contact us:

Tel.: + 420 777 472 403