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Chateau park in Resort Sobotín

The resort is surrounded by an extensive chateau park planted with exotic trees, timber species, a pond, a large ornamental lake, and a natural, pleasantly fizzy stream. The overall character of the ambiance thus creates a uniquely peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Boats for a romantic ride along our pond are available to all guests. 

Ski resort Kouty

Ski resort Kouty is a great place to visit in any season you want. Not only for skiing but also for exploring the Lynx trail, the Dlouhé stráně reservoir, or a watchtower. Besides the slopes, there are perfect cross-country trails, bike paths, trails for in-line skaters, or a bike park. 

Dlouhé stráně reservoir

Do you long to see the third-largest pumped storage hydropower plant in the world and at the same time the largest hydroelectric power plant in the Czech Republic? Take the cable car from the Ski resort Kouty and go to the top of the upper reservoir. You can go back by a walk through the forest. 

Jeseníky Mountains and their dominant Praděd

There is probably no need to introduce the beauty of the Jeseníky Mountains. Their dominant feature is undoubtedly Praděd, the highest mountain in Moravia, Czech, and Upper Silesia, which is often referred to as the “Silesian Glacier” – thanks to the excellent snow conditions, which are unique in the country. Whether you go to Praděd from Červenohorské sedlo, Kouty nad Desnou or sedlo Skřítek, you will enjoy a wonderful trip that you will remember for a long time.