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Massages & treatments

The massage techniques performed by our masseurs are based on the traditional medicine principles from all over the world and the history of our region. We place a great focus on comprehensive care. We wish that your visit will be a balm for your body and soul, and you will relax your mind and tension and recharge your batteries. Choose from our rich offer of massages and treatments:

Hammam ritual - The pearl of our procedures - purification of body and soul

Hammam ritual is an exceptional body treatment involving steam and cleansing rich soap. The ritual takes place in a humid steam chamber and marble bed. The whole procedure consists of warming up in a steam chamber, then washing the body with warm water, and peeling with a kessa glove. The beneficial impact of the whole procedure is further enhanced by a rich soap foam and a relaxing massage. We serve a cup of tea and fruit after the ritual. 

110 min 2 400 CZK

Special Hammam ritual

Hammam ritual with a Moroccan clay wrap.

120 min 2 600 CZK

Hawaiian dream ritual

Get yourself carried away into the world of complete relaxation and unwinding. The traditional Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage has been practiced since time immemorial in the Hawaiian Islands. The basics of this ritual lie in the use of special movement techniques using not only fingers and palms, but also forearms and elbows, which brings with its rhythm and energic potential a high therapeutic and relaxing effect. 

60 min 1 890 CZK

Magical relief - traditional massage

Do you want to relieve your body and mind of the consequences of overwork, insomnia, or a healthy lifestyle fails? Try our magic traditional massage with its miraculous effects. The procedure includes a dry peeling with special washcloths and an aromatherapy oil massage. The massage is performed with natural aromatherapy oil called "Encouragement", which is a part of the original chateau cosmetic series.

55 min / 80 min 1 820 CZK / 2 200 CZK


The feeling of happiness, joy, and beauty you will experience during deep tissue massage. Enjoy the peeling with quality dark cane sugar which releases physical and mental blocks, removes fatigue, stress, tension, and improves sleep quality. Our unique massage oil with essential oils of ylang, rose, sandalwood, and jasmine will embrace and calm your emotions, brighten your mind, and lift your spirits. 

55 min / 80 min 1 820 CZK / 2 200 CZK

Lava stones

If you come to Sobotín in wintertime, don´t miss the opportunity to get lava stones massage. Hot stones are like a balm for stiff muscles and joints. Peeling with rock salt cleanses the skin and aura and stimulates blood circulation. The pressure and heat of the stones harmonize the energetic imbalance, release body waste, and stimulate the lymphatic system. Soothing natural massage oil evokes a feeling of perfect well-being. 

60 min / 80 min 1 820 CZK / 2 200 CZK

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is based on knowledge of ancient cleansing practices and lymphatic drainage. It helps your body to get rid of swelling, accumulated toxins, and fatigue. Our unique aromatherapeutic 100 % essential massage oil (juniper, cypress, grapefruit, and orange) will prolong the effects of the massage up to 24 hours. 

80 min 1 950 CZK

Reflexology foot massage

Reflexology foot massage is one of the most effective methods of alternative medicine. By squeezing or smoothing the reflection points, the blocked places are gradually released, and the harmony of all systems is restored. The effect appears immediately, which is of great importance for pain or acute problems. The overall metabolism can be improved by pressing and massaging the reflective surfaces on the feet. 

55 min 1 720 CZK

Pregnancy massage

This massage is a combination of Western and Eastern techniques, has a therapeutic and deeply relaxing effect. The massage is performed in a side position, it is suitable for all who for any reason can not lie on their stomachs or head down. It has a beneficial effect on appearance during pregnancy and after childbirth. Regular massage improves skin elasticity, reduces the likelihood of stretch marks, improves the activity of the intestines, lymphatic and blood circulation. Helps relax, improves sleep and mood, reduces anxiety and irritability.

55 min / 80 min 1 820 CZK / 2 200 CZK

Wellness & Spa is inspired by Sidonie Nádherná, the granddaughter of the founder of the Sobotín chateau, Albert Klein. Her interest in travel, nature, and art is thus reflected in our original procedures. We use the healing power of nature - we use 100% natural oils, herbs, clays, and salts, and during spa rituals, we work with the exceptional Alqvimia cosmetics, whose scent and softness enchant your senses. Choose from our rich offer of SPA rituals:

Ritual of Queen Cleopatra

The full-body treatment inspired by the beautifying rituals of the Egyptian queens brings perfect relaxation for your face, body, and soul. The ritual includes a full-body peeling, a detox wrap, a full-face cleansing according to the skin type, and full-body aromatherapeutic massage. The treatment is especially suitable for women.

120 min 2 790 CZK

Ritual “Oasis of peace and tranquility” for stress relief 

Ritual for stress relief that provides the pleasure of physical relaxation and helps to find mental balance again. Thanks to the unique combination of essential oils with an anti-stress effect, it restores the feeling of well-being and harmony. 

90 min 2 370 CZK

Ritual Silhouette 

The unique detoxifying effects of salt and mud from the Dead Sea, the firming effect of seaweed, and the unique effects of rare herbs are used during the ritual Silhouette. This outstanding combination helps to start the intensive detoxification process, ensures the alleviation of cellulite, and helps break down fat. 

90 min 2 370 CZK

Exclusive pre-wedding ritual JASMINE for brides

Enjoy the treatment for deep detoxification, nutrition, and hydration of your whole body and face skin. It brings you a feeling of beauty, relaxation, femininity, and deep peace. This ritual is suitable not only for the upcoming brides, but for every occasion when a woman becomes the center of attention and she should radiate vitality, happiness, and self-confidence more than ever. We will pamper you with Jasmine Absolute – a unique essential oil known for its strong rejuvenating and regenerating effects during the treatment.

120 min 2 980 CZK

Exclusive pre-wedding ritual package JASMINE for a couple

(suitable as a wedding gift)

Enjoy the ritual “JASMINE” for the bride and ritual “Oasis of peace and tranquility” for the groom. Experience wonderful moments during a luxurious romantic bath with a bottle of sparkling wine. 

180 min 5 600 CZK

Beautiful breasts and cleavage Alqvimia

Luxury cleavage and bust treatment – Special Burst Treatment – exclusively in the Spa Sidonie within the Czech Republic

For a smooth, healthy, and well-nourished cleavage and bust. This treatment has been specially designed for the sensitive area of the cleavage and includes care with our unique Burst Firming body oil in combination with a special Tao massage. Restore the strength of your breasts through this delicate care that deeply regenerates, hydrates, and leaves the skin glowing. 

60 min 1 800 CZK

Spa skin treatment Alqvimia

Skin treatment activating deep cell regeneration with ALQVIMIA Essentially Beautiful Rejuvenate skincare. It visibly smooths wrinkles, has a hydrating, nourishing, antioxidant, and regenerating effect, and restores the natural inner glow and light that are characteristic of young and healthy skin. 

60 min 1 890 CZK 

Beautiful breasts and cleavage Alqvimia & Spa skin treatment Alqvimia

120 min 2 900 CZK

Do you wish to have a romantic relief full of pleasant scents? Try one of our baths in a unique stone bathtub. Your bathing experience will be enhanced thanks to the beautiful ambiance of a private Spa with a bathtub made of one piece of black stone, the play of lights, a comfortable couchette, and delicious drink selection.  

Romantic bath

The bath is cut out not only for the lovers. Stone bath decorated with rose petals, a mixture of an essential chateau oil and a bottle of well-chilled sparkling wine. That´s the perfect combination, isn´t it? While relaxing during the dry wrap, you can dream about other beautiful moments that are still waiting for you together. 

All baths can be extended by 30 minutes for an additional 600 CZK.

1–2-person 60 min 1 950 CZK

Forest herbal bath 

A profitable bath with herbal extracts, the scent of the forest, and the voice of nature. Herbal tea with honey and refreshing chateau lemonade made from wild strawberries will certainly come in handy. 

All baths can be extended by 30 minutes for an additional 600 CZK.

1-2-person 60 min 1 950 CZK

Bath of the Queen of Egypt

Do you want to experience how the queens of Egypt were pampered? Enjoy the perfect bath of Dead Sea salt, 100% Alqvimia almond oil, milk, and the Queen of Egypt essential blend. Also, a surprise awaits you during the bath. 

All baths can be extended by 30 minutes for an additional 600 CZK.

1-2 person 60 min 1 990 CZK

Stress relief bath for well-being and relaxation

Relax your body and mind during a bath made from Dead Sea salt, 100% Alqvimia almond oil, and the essential Anti Stress mixture. Also, a surprise awaits you during the bath.

All baths can be extended by 30 minutes for an additional 600 CZK.

1-2 person 60 min 1 990 CZK