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Resort Sobotín

The place which is cut out for the special moments

Welcome to Sobotín, a romantic resort in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains located in the village of Sobotín between Šumperk and the largest landmark of the Jeseníky Mountains – the Mount Praděd.

Chateau hotel Klein

Discover the romantic charm of ancient times

Are you a fan of castles and chateaux? Then you may have longed to try what it would be like to wake up in a royal bed and be pampered all day as a member of the royal family. You do not have to be a king or a queen, prince, or princess to make your wish come true.In the Chateau hotel Klein, you will enjoy a romantic holiday like in a fairy tale.

Wellness & spa hotel Sidonie

For the pleasure of your mind & body

Do you want to enjoy a weekend full of massages, treatments, relaxation, and fun in the sauna or water world with your friends or family? Or just take a break from the daily hustle and bustle? Isn´t it enough? Would you like also to enjoy walking in the woods or do any other outdoor or indoor activities? Then you came to the right place. All of this you will find in Wellness & Spa hotel Sidonie!

Family & sport hotel Josef

Enjoy an unforgettable family vacation

Are you planning to go on vacation with your family, and are you looking for a place where you can enjoy plenty of rest and a wide range of leisure time activities? Whether you have schoolchildren or preschoolers, at the Family & Sport Hotel Josef, you will experience a holiday that you will remember for a long time! 

Apartments Albert

For a social event and family holidays

Are you looking for a place for an unusual farewell party, a family celebration, or a team building? What about renting a chateau family brewery and having a great spare time? In addition to the brewery, where you can enjoy the unique light Albert larger, the brewery also includes three apartments with a capacity of six or twelve people, so you can comfortably stay in the brewery with a larger group or family.