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About Resort Sobotín

The place which is cut out for the special moments

Welcome to Sobotín, a romantic resort in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains located in the village of Sobotín between Šumperk and the largest landmark of the Jeseníky Mountains – the Mount Praděd.

More than just a place to stay

On a plot of 15.5 hectares, the Sobotín Resort boasts several unique buildings, most of which are connected by underground corridors. It is the Wellness & Spa Hotel Sidonie with its unique wellness & Spa spaces, the Family & Sport Hotel Josef with a large covered multipurpose hall, the stylish Albert brewery, and, last but not least, the Permoník roadhouse decorated with a reference to the mining tradition.

The imaginary icing on the cake is the fairytale chateau hotel Klein, whose generous spaces of the renovated castle of the Klein family will transport you to the mid-19th century and will enchant you not only with the predominant historical style but also with an ingenious combination of period elements with modern technology.

A place, where is the beauty of nature combined with a rich history

The resort is surrounded by an extensive chateau park planted with exotic trees, timber species, a pond, a large ornamental lake, and a natural, pleasantly fizzy stream. The overall character of the ambiance thus creates a uniquely peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Sobotín is therefore an ideal place for family vacations, romantic honeymoons but also large family celebrations, garden parties, weddings, or non-traditional corporate events. This fairytale place has a diverse history which is followed by the architecture of all the buildings located in the resort. 

About the history of Sobotín resort 

The history, similarly, to most of the surrounding villages, is connected mainly with the mining of iron ore. In the 19th century, it was an important center of the industrial revolution, and this period is one of the most important milestones in the establishment of the Sobotín chateau. The clan of the Klein brothers, after whom today´s chateau hotel proudly bears its name, contributed to its development. Their incredible diligence, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit developed into the most influential magnates of the then monarchy. Thanks to they were promoted to aristocratic status as ordinary citizens.

On the wave of the steam century

From a metal goods factory to a romantic chateau

In 1811, a factory for metal goods stood on the site of today´s chateau hotel Klein. Andreas Eisenbach, who at that time in connection with the Napoleonic Wars focused on the production of firearms and cold steel, leased this place from the state. A few years later, the factory burned down and was rebuilt. In 1833, after the death of Eisenbach, the factory was bought by Count Antonín Bedřich Mitrovský, who built here a large iron processing plant. 

However, the count died only nine years later, and the Klein brothers bought the Sobotín ironworks together with the entire estate. Thanks to their efforts in the development of the railway industry, they made a significant contribution to the history of the industrial revolution, and, together with them, Sobotín, which became an important industrial center of the Austria-Hungary monarchy. 

Thanks to its convenient location near the ironworks, generations of the Klein brothers began to build a chateau from the former armory until it was known before reconstruction in 2012. The chateau was gradually rebuilt in a romantic spirit, the original pond was expanded, adjacent lands were transformed into an ornamental park full of exotic trees, a large greenhouse was built, and the park was equipped with a fountain, cast iron sculptures and other artifacts made in the Klein ironworks. The reconstruction was completed in 1892. 

The chateau Sobotín as a recreational area

The potential of the chateau has already been used by the Dukla Havířov Mine

Like the first, the Dukla Havířov Mine was able to take advantage of using the chateau as an accommodation facility. In the 1970s, Dukla began operating Sobotín as a recreation center. The chateau was extended by other buildings, and the area was thus used mainly for social and cultural activities. Between 1989-1991, a minor modernization took place to provide better hotel services. The pond was transformed into a natural outdoor swimming pool, and a mini-golf course was created in the park. The biggest breakthrough came in 2012 when the Hroch family from Bludov became the new owner of the Sobotín complex.

Comprehensive transformation of Sobotín for the comfortable place to stay

The Hroch family has created a unique resort with a diverse range of services 

The new owners came up with a rather spectacular project. Since 2012, they have started an extensive reconstruction of the entire resort. The chateau building was completely renovated. It was architecturally and structurally solved to provide perfect comfort to its visitors. A romantic chateau hotel Klein was created, combining preserved elements from the Klein era, perfectly complemented with the visions and spirit of the new owner´s family.