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Sauna World

Make your warm-up effective

Visiting a sauna is not only a great way to relax, but also to unwind and do something for your health. By the way, it is also a great addition to sports. Whether you come to Sobotín Resort for a day visit or for an active holiday, you will enjoy an amazing relaxation. 

You can choose according to your own needs and preferences from a great variety of saunas 

Wellness & Spa Sidonie offers the Finnish, herbal, salt, or steam sauna. If you want to enjoy something extraordinary, join us at the sauna rituals. We organize them from October to April. 

Please, pay attention to our wellness & Spa etiquette.

Sauna world summary:

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna is a hot room with walls preferably made of wood. It is a great combination of a heated space and a special custom of enjoying a sweat bath. The relaxation at high temperature between 65 to 100 °C is known to promote physical and mental well-being. The humidity is controlled by throwing water onto the stones. Heating can be continuous or one time. 

After warming in the sauna, you can take a cold shower and then cool off in the icy water pool. Make sure to cool down gradually, do not jump into the pool! Then wipe your body with a towel and enjoy the great relaxation outside in the fresh air or our rest area until you feel slight coldness. Then you can repeat the whole process again in any sauna you want.

Wellness master recommends: Respect your limits. Respect yourself.

Temperature: 90-100 °C
Humidity: 10-20 %
Recommended sauna duration: 7-12 minutes
Repeat: 2-3 x
Cool down quickly or mildly 

Herbal sauna

The herbal sauna is a great way for those who do not tolerate the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna. There are various types of aromatic herbs like motherwort, lavender, mint, or lemon balm in the heating room. The maximum temperature is 90 °C. Thanks to the longer heating process you can stay in the herbal sauna for about 12 minutes. Cooling down is like a Finnish sauna. Herbal sauna relieves fatigue, relaxes the airways, and helps to prevent colds.

Temperature: 80-90 °C
Humidity: 30-40 %
Recommended sauna duration 8-12 minutes
Repeat: 2-3 x
Cool down quickly or mildly

Salt sauna

The salt sauna combines the heat benefits of classic dry sauna and amazing features of salt. The temperature is between 60 to 70 °C and the humidity is about 10 to 20 %. By heating the salt, minerals and anoints are released into the air. These “airy vitamins” provides the healing effect and helps the skin to release the toxins. The illuminated wall of salt stones calms the mind and its colors harmonize emotions. After warming, you can cool off by tepid shower. Finish the amazing relax in our heated whirlpool.

Wellness master recommends: Did you know that the salt can be used not only to the energetic body cleansing but also to cleansing the space? Find out more during the salt ritual, where you will enjoy the wonderful effects of salt literally on your own skin!

Temperature: 60-70 °C
Humidity: 10-20 %
Recommended sauna duration 8-12 minutes
Repeat: 2-3 x
Cool down mildly by tepid water

Steam sauna

The steam sauna is a moist hot bath. The humidity which reaches up to 80-100 °C and temperature of 40-55 °C creates a unique climate with an incredibly positive effect on the human body. As a result of staying in the steam cabin, the consumption of oxygen increases, and there is a total stimulation of vital functions. There is no need for cooling. The steam sauna is usually supplemented with aromatherapy effects. By inhalation, the essential oils have a beneficial effect on all spheres of our personality. We carefully select essential oils according to the rhythm of the day and the season. 

Mint – stimulates the brain and concentration. Eucalyptus – has a positive effect on the respiratory system and stimulates the brain. Sweet and fresh orange support the digestive system and helps against headaches. The calming lavender is an excellent herb against insomnia, headaches, and high blood pressure. Lemon – has an antiseptic effect and promotes regeneration. 

Wellness master recommends: The essential oil is basically the blood of a plant. Close your eyes and feel what the plant tells you, how it affects you. 

Temperature:  40-55 °C
Humidity:        80-100 %
Recommended sauna duration: 15-20 minutes
Repeat:  2-3 x
Cool down is not necessary

Icy water pool

Do you want to cool down properly after the sauna session? You can use our icy water pool with a temperature range of around -18 °C to 0 °C. Cool down carefully and very slowly after using the tepid water shower. If it is possible, try to dive briefly with your head. Leave the pool slowly and wipe your body dry. If you do not want to dive, you can walk from one side to the other. For less extreme cooling down it is worth trying to go down at least a few steps and cool your feet to your knees. 

Wellness master recommends: When you are dry, try to chafe your whole body with your palms with quick and energic movements for about 2 minutes. Enjoy the influx of enormous energy that you gave to yourself. 

Outdoor terrace

Due to the wellness location in the garden, there is already direct access to fresh air. After a sauna session, you can take a relaxing stroll around the terrace and enjoy a breathtaking view at the chateau pond and park. Whether in the afternoon, under the stars, in the winter or in the summer evening, stay to the fresh air will be the most beautiful way to relax. 

Wellness master recommends: Observe nature around you while breathing deeply.

Relaxing room

The wellness area also includes a stylish relaxing room overlooking a part of the chateau park. Enjoy an undisturbed relaxation, muffle up in a silky blanket, and get immersed into relaxing music tones. Let go of your troubles and let yourself do nothing. 

Wellness master recommends: Close your eyes and see what movie your own heart has prepared for you.

Enjoy the Kneipp walking

The Kneipp path is placed upstairs just behind the saunas. Enjoy a popular procedure using alternating hot and cold water in a range from 12 °C do 40 °C. The pools are lined with stones, which gives you a natural plantar massage that oxygenates the tissues, reducing the sense of swelling and heaviness of the lower limbs. Repeat the walking between hot and cold water several times. We recommend walking in warm water for about 1 minute and in cold water for about 5 seconds. 

Wellness master recommends: Remember, the journey begins and ends, which must last at least 30 minutes, always with hot water. Then wipe your legs. 

Relax deeply with water bubble sounds 

A large hot tub for 12 people is located opposite the Kneipp path. A higher water temperature between 35 and 37 °C can loosen tense muscles and reduce pain. While pleasant bubbling relaxes your mind and washes the accumulated stress and worries away and improves blood circulation and oxygenation. 

Wellness master recommends: Staying in the hot tub promotes healthy sleep, but please try it at home or in the room of one of our hotels.

Dear guests,
we would like to inform you that children up to the age of 15 are allowed to use the saunas of wellness & spa Sidonie from Sunday to Friday from 1 pm. to 2 pm., on Saturday from 10 am. to 3 pm. 
After this time, access to the saunas area is reserved exclusively for adults.
Thank you for your understanding.